What is FaceReflect?

FaceReflect is the world's first Face Pattern Analysis app for computers, tablets, and smartphones that is powered by the FaceAffinity API.

FaceReflect is the application that uses face pattern analysis and a proprietary algorithm from FaceAffinity to identify people’s innate strengths and challenges. We provide this information to equip people better insights to what makes each of us unique. With this information, we believe people can better communicate with each other and each of us can make better choices in using our talents and the talents of others.

How does it work?

A picture is taken of your face, a friend's face, or a photo file can be uploaded and then its sent for analysis

Your analysis is ready for review

You can save your pictures and analysis of yourself and all your friends for future reference.

Of course the entire experience is fully responsive over all devices!

Social media integration - coming soon!

FaceReflect™ allows for seamless integration with your social media accounts to allow you to choose friends photos for analysis. Here is how it works.

1) Choose your social media account
2) Choose your friend's image for analysis
3) Submit image for analysis
4) Get the face analysis for your friend

Compatibility Analysis - coming soon!

Get compatibility analysis between two people or more (up to 10 max at a time)

Get career and college track analysis and recommendations - coming soon!

Think of the possibilities!

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