What is Face Pattern Analysis?

This technology gives you immediate information about the personality of you friends, family, partners, spouses, bosses and the people you work with.

Face Pattern Analysis is the relationship between the facial structure and personality. It indicates both our strengths and challenges. Many of the traits can be seen at the time of birth. Once the child passes puberty, all the traits are fully formed. Yes, the environment we grow up in can suppress or support our innate personality -- although it does not change it. Nor does cosmetic surgery. In other words the face is the GPS to our inner blue print. The system we use applies across all cultures and is the most accurate face reading system used today. The initial research was conducted on over 10,000 people in the 1940’s. Further studies were made from 1950 – 1970 on 1068 subjects. Based on the feedback from the subjects studied, they found it to be 92% accuracy for personality assessments, 94% for career suggestions and 89% for improving relationships.

Why is this important to me?

Very soon you will have in your hands, a valuable tool that will allow you to immediately recognize some of the key traits that are recognized in the face. Traits that will help you better understand the strengths and opportunities within your relationships.

Understanding your own traits and those of your partners and friends is the first step toward creating meaningful relationships. This technology has been developed over many years by recognized experts in the field. This long term technology will help us all understand what makes us tick. With this understanding, we will be able to enhance our relationships, plus have a better understanding of ourselves and the people we meet with. The benefits are …

  • Helps you better understand the people you work with
  • Provides you with a tool that will help you build successful relationships
  • Find a career or hobby that ignites your passion
  • Decide on your major for college or school
  • Immediately identify how to work with your client or partner
  • Transacting business
  • Strategize and prepare for meetings
  • Discover what makes people tick and why

Facial Features Tell the Truth

The accuracy is astonishing. In written tests for personality, and career aptitude (e.g. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Enneagram, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and more) there is a tendency to bias answers toward the result you're hoping for. Although with facial features there are no questions asked, and no handwriting sample required. This is why the information is so valuable, and accurate for career selection, sales, management, customer relations, counseling, coaching, team building, marriage, relationships, family issues, etc.

This technology applies across all cultures.

The principle of face reading applies across all cultures. No matter where you come from in the world, if you see someone with a certain shaped eye, nose, forehead or any other feature, it will indicate the exact same personality trait. So often I hear people thinking this is to do with ethnicity or it’s racist. What the general public does not understand is that the traits are seen within every culture. The observations simply offer people an immediate understanding of themselves and the people they interact with. We all have challenges, it’s what we do about them that makes the difference, particularly in relationships

The Benefits of Face Pattern Analysis in Relationships

Understanding your own traits and those of your partner, the person you are dating, your friends, or business partners, is the first step toward creating a meaningful relationship. As one client shared with Naomi Tickle, “If we had only known this about each other earlier on in our relationship, it would have avoided much of the miscommunication and hurt feelings we experienced.”

We all read faces from the moment we meet someone. We search the face for clues that will help us better understand the person we are speaking with. The face serves as the GPS to our inner blueprint. This blueprint gives us clues about our own personality including our innate strengths and challenges. Many of the traits can be seen at the time of birth, such as music, writing, designer, wants the bottom line, analytical, perfectionist and many others. Once the child has reached puberty they are all fully formed. The environment can suppress or support the trait but it doesn’t change it. Neither does cosmetic surgery.

From a Personologist’s viewpoint, we genetically inherited our traits from our parents. However, the home environment and personal circumstances we experience through life can provide major influences that heighten or modify both our positive and negative tendencies.

You’ll Never Look at a Face the Same Way Again

Face Pattern Analysis represents a very simple and uncomplicated tool for understanding people. What you see is what you get. The traits discussed in this book can easily be determined by simple observations. Does the person have a wide or narrow face? Is the hair fine or coarse? Do they have full or thin lips? Is the nose pointed or rounded? Yes, there are degrees of each trait, I am just describing the opposites to keep it simple. This is just an introduction to the topic. However to become a qualified expert in the field of Face Pattern Analysis, it does require formal training.

Specifically designed tools are used for measuring the face and head proportions. These tools are not required for non-professional spot analysis.

FaceReflect is the application that uses face pattern analysis and a proprietary algorithm from FaceAffinity to identify people’s innate strengths and challenges. We provide this information to equip people better insights to what makes each of us unique. With this information, we believe people can better communicate with each other and each of us can make better choices in using our talents and the talents of others.

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